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Drainage practitioner with Swiss professional certificate

The 2-year training course offers primarily practically skilled youths and adults the opportunity to obtain a Swiss qualification and guarantees access to lifelong learning. Adults can catch up on their basic professional education in alternative processes.

Drainage practitioners primarily clean and empty drainage systems in the private and public area. They thus make an important contribution to urban drainage and maintaining the smooth operation of drainage systems (shafts, sewers, lines and pipes).

Further details can be seen in the training plan

Overview of the task spectrum

  • Planning, preparing and reporting on work
    • Understand the industry and business
    • Understand the operation and maintenance of drainage systems
    • Use chemical and foundations, professional calculations, sketches, plans and drawings
    • Plan work processes and organise work
  • Cleaning drainage systems
    • Clean drainage systems hydrodynamically
    • Clean drainage pipes mechanically
    • Clean out substances from drainage structures
  • Ensuring maintenance, safety and environmental protection
    • Perform control and maintenance work on vehicles and equipment
    • Ensure occupational health and safety
    • Ensure environmental and water protection


Personal requirements

  • Ability to act independently and think and act in a cross-linked manner
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to solve conflicts
  • Team skills
  • Good manners and appearance
  • Resilience
  • Ability to act in an ecologically responsible manner
  • Punctuality and reliability

Educational requirements

  • Completed secondary school education (very good secondary level A, E or "Bezirksschule”)
  • Very good German and mathematical skills

 Other requirements

  • Good physical condition
  • Not claustrophobic
  • Practical skills
  • Good spatial perception
  • Logic, retentiveness, technical affinity

2-year basic training

After passing the qualification process, the individual may use the protected professional title “Drainage Practitioner with a Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence.”

After completing the apprenticeship, there is the opportunity to continue with the training and obtain the Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence as a drainage technologist. Other development steps are also open.

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